vicol audio

AUDIO TUNING: PS-Audio PerfectWave Transport

Transport: ASUS DVD

vicol-audio PS-Audio PWT

DVD unit replaced with best available CD unit - PLEXTOR Premium.

Left original ASUS DVD unit, right PLEXTOR Premium - one of the best CD units available on market.

PS Audio PWT original ASUS DVD transport Plextor Premium transport

Initial total filter capacitance is 25000uF -left. Total filter capacitance was increased to 44000uF with high grade Panasonic capacitors.

Power supply before 25000uF Power supply after 44000uF high quality Panasonic caps

ESR - Equivalent Series Resistance - 0,43 ohm for original capacitor used in PS-Audio PWT 330uF - left picture.
Middle Oscon PS capacitor 0,03 ohm 100uF (more than 14 times lower than original) and right Rubycom ZA 0,10 ohm 100uF.
Very low ESR of Oscon and Rubycon ZA make these ideal candidate in decoupling digital circuits and oscillators providing overall excellent improvement.

Measured ESR original cap in PS Audio PWT Measured ESR for Oscon SPMeasured ESR for rubycon ZA

Left picture FPGA board before modifications. Right picture after mods.

FPGA board beforeFPGA board after mods

Main regulators board have been upgraded adding to each LM317 reference resistor an extra 100uF Rubycon ZA.
This will increase regulator stability.

Main regulators stability increased with Rubycon ZAPlextor inside

SD card regulator output decoupled with Rubycon ZA.

  sdd regulator beforesdd regulator after

A look inside PS-Audio PWT before (left) and after (right) modifications.

Before modsAfter mods

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