vicol audio

About us

Our story.
First was passion for music and later a perpetuate search for better sound reproduction.
We searched, read and informed and came to the conclusion that it is possible. After many years of hard work ... we succeeded. The result was astonishing, well above our expectations and, above all, the expectations of others.
My name is Tiberiu Vicol and together with Dan Z., Catalin N. and my brother Lucian, founded Vicol Audio. We are qualified speciallits in optoelectronics, telecommunication, IT, programming and design.
In 2006 I met on elforum, a Romanian electronics forum,
with Dan and Catalin. Shortly after we started to develop projects for Romanian community and later for diyaudio community. In 2013, after 7 years, we established our business with the goal to design and handcraft premium quality kit's for diy community and custom equipment for audiophiles.
We started our business in grandmother house and now, in 2018, we're still there. :)

Our philosophy.
Vicol Audio philosophy is based on a simple concept, the best from today and best from the past. Therefore, we believe that careful combination of well-designed circuits and the finest possible audio components, can lead to this concept.
We like to use latest, top notch, technologies, but at the same time we have great respect for the values of the past.

Principles we follow.
We design for sound, we design for us and share with you. Many of our projects are open source.
We know that each component have his own audio fingerprint and will sound best used in the right place.

Our only way of communicating the message to the potential new buyers is via social media Facebook, Twitter , Instagram, profile forums and the word of existing happy users. Occasionally we follow our dealers in shows and participate in audiophile meetings.

What you get from us ?
We don’t spend money on advertising, marketing and on shows, therefore you get a great product at the best possible price.

You get a unique product, personalised for you, built from scratch, entirely made in our workshop, proudly handcrafted in Romania.
All our producs are developed inhouse.

You are invited to enjoy our products and be part of our "beyond sound" journey.