vicol audio


Transport SANYO; dac AD1955

A look inside Cambridge Audio azur 840C - left: without modifications, right: fully modified.

A look inside Cambridge Azur 840 Player after modifications

Output stage and FTJ before and after modifications. 10uF capacitors replaced with Panasonic FM 100uF. Standard 7805 regulator for DAC +5V replaced with low noise LT1806 and decoupled with Oscon and silver-mica.
Output operationals OPA2134 replaced with LM49860.

Cambridge Azur 840 dac & output before modifications Cambridge Azur 840 dac & output after modifications

Oscillator decoupled with silver-mica and OSCON. Standard regulator 7805 replaced with Linear low noise LT1086

Clock before Clock modified

DSP  decoupled with Panasonic FC and Rubycon ZL capacitors. Oscillator ceramic capacitors changed with silver-mica.

DSP Working on DSP

DSP beforme modifications Modified DSP