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Transport Fangyuan Digital Technology DSL-710A ; dac CS4396

Creek CD50 MKII

A look inside CREEK CD50MKII

Below picture present CREEK CD50MKII player factory default without any modifications - left picture, and fully modified - right picture.

Creek CD50 MKII without any modification Creek CD50 MKII fully modified

Output stage and FTJ before (left picture) and after modifications (right picture).
OPA2134 replaced with LME49720HA (military), decoupled with Black-Gate NX series LPF modified with 1% tolerance polystyrene capacitors, analog power supply regulators decoupled with Rubycon ZL and Panasonic FC.

output LPF factory output LPF modified

DVD transport power supply enhanced with 2200uF Panasonic FC capacitors.

Another view of LPF modifications.

Main board without modifications - left and with modifications - right.
Decoupling ceramic capacitors for XO and DAC digital section have beed removed due parasitic piezoelectric efect. CS4396 dac and XO oscillator decoupled with Sanyo OSCON and silver-mica.
In the same section  3,3V regulators replaced with ultra low noise Linear LT1761.
Other CS4396 sections decoupled with Rubycon ZL and Panasonic FC.
Xilinx Spartan FPGA and Motorola IDE interface decoupled with Panasonic FC and related regulators decoupled with Rubycon ZL.