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High Density speaker cables - Component of the year 2018

Customer review. Quantum Serial Number 003:

My experience with the QUANTUM: ‘an extremely agreeable high-end CD transport of high musicality’

Last week I received my carefully packed QUANTUM CD transport from Tiberiu Vicol at Vicol-Audio. After unwrapping the QUANTUM I was immediately impressed by its solid structure with beautiful finish. It renders the passion and craftsmanship of Tiberiu in all aspects. However, what is also important, how does it sound? To find out I connected the QUANTUM with an AudioQuest Coffee digital coax cable to my Chord 2Qute DAC, which transfers its analogue signal to an Accuphase E-560 Class-A integrated amplifier. During my first listening session I was immediately caught by the lifelike and formidable transparency of voices. Also the balance between instruments and voices was perfect. The soundstage and level of detail was impressive, as I never experienced that before with an Accuphase DP-500. Good life recordings really sound as if the artists are playing in front of you. It is just the music in a complete black background. The QUANTUM can easily compete with CD transports exceeding 10 K€. I think that Tiberiu build a real masterpiece and I am happy and proud to own one.

Felix, a music aficionado in the Netherlands

June 2016

High Density speaker cables got a second review again in dutch HTFORUM.

High Density speaker cables got a review in dutch HTFORUM.

Here is a google translation to English from conclusion part.

¨The Vicol cable is a highly defined spatial open cable, with a nice depth of sound. He is also very honest and homogeneous, and also has the cable has a high resolution and a wide dynamic range. Furthermore, the cable surprising properties that you back hear in the music, a top 40 song really sounds like a disco (though it is 20 years since I was there every week worked) The music dies very nice, like violins with some music pieces that have. The cable converts an emotional picture down, as you so beautifully can belong to Patricia Barber or Lana Del Rey - Video Games. He brings the emotion very well about.
The cable passes over the entire frequency range hear everything, he conceals nothing.
With present high but not too much, but clearly audible. (But never fiercely) Beautiful full mids and a nice layered bass. Oh and also important you are not of listening.
Overall an extremely fine wire. If you like peace and quiet, calm, restrained, take it not because this cable is oh so rich and sparkling dynamics it is simply addictive. Actually it is just a topkabel, and I compare it with considerably more expensive cables. For 479 euro to Your Stereo for sale.

Written by:
Frank2 HT Forum member in December 2012.


H. Satink - Quasar Ver.13 prototype

H.Satink Quasar V13 prototype
¨I listened yesterday evening for more then 2 (first) hours to the Quasar. I am happy with this impression! You made an damn good amplifier! The sound is very crisp, detailed and more then excellent controlled, even with my 15 inch Tannoy driver. Soundstage is very lineair with typical Quad sound. Very pleasant to listen to. It is like you say on the website; just enjoy the music.¨
                                                                                                                                                                                                            H. Satink - Holland

R. Mawhinney - Quasar Ver.16 ready made custom order

"This amp really portrays the flow of music beautifully and it does get to the essence of the music, and that’s the main thing."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      R. Mawhinney - UK

Madalin Apostol - Quasar & Shiga MKII high grade

Quasar & Shiga MKII HG

Madalin A. - Quasar Ver.17

DanZup - QUASAR ver.11                                                                            Vioara QUASAR ver.11

DanZup QUASAR vioara's  Quasar

Andrei Danescu - Quasar Ver.12

Andrei D. QuasarAndrei D. Quasar

Custom Quasar executed for Marin V.

custom Quasar

Pop Alexandru - Quasar ver.5                                                                       Bucegi - Quasar ver.13

POP Alexandru Quasar ver.5Bucegi Quasar

Andrei (Dan) Crainiciuc - Quasar ver.3


Shiga MKII by Cristian Budisteanu


Plyer based on Shiga MKII high grade with individual Salas regulators by Nicolae Bivol

CD Player by Nicolae BivolCD player by Nicolae Bivol

Shiga MKII by Robert P.

Shiga MKII bt Robert P.Shiga MKII by Robert P.

Shiga MKII high grade Level 2 made by Razvan Stoica

Razvan Stoica Shiga MKII high grade

Shiga MKII high grade Level1 by Christoph Zitta

C. Zitta Shiga MKIIC. Zitta Shiga MKII

"Le monstre" Shiga MKII high grade implementation by Nicolae Bivol

N. Bivol Shiga MKII high grade

Shiga MKII high grade and Dexa Neutron low jitter clock feeding an R-2R DAC made by Comickitkit

Shiga MKII with DEXA Neutron clock

Shiga MKII implementation by DanZup

Shiga MKIIShiga MKII

Shiga MKII implementation by Aleks

Shiga MKII

3D printer CD player based on Shiga MKII, made by Andrei Danescu

Shiga MKII in whathifi

Shiga MKII by PHY

Shiga MKIIShiga MKII in nice system

Shiga MKII by Clayton

Shiga MKIIShiga MKII

Shiga MKII by vega65

Shiga MKII high grade Level 3 mounted on a bamboo table by Dan T.

Shiga MKII HG Level 3 by Dan T.Shiga MKII HG Level 3 by Dan T.

Shiga MKII implementation by jbm95.

Shiga MKII standardShiga MKII standard

Shiga MKII concrete by F. Swaans

Shiga MKII concrete

Playing Shiga MKII in Rudy system