vicol audio

Vicol Audio Silver-Gold interconnect cable

Product available only by preorder starting at 1200euro.

balanced silver-gold silk/teflon dielectric interconnectDouble shielding AgAu interconnect cable

Vicol Audio silver-gold interconnect cable is based on very finest components produced by Mundorf  and Jupiter.
We make use of Mundorf SILVER 99% and 1% GOLD, teflon insulation wires, for signal and hot ground and Jupiter 99.999% pure, solid-core COPPER with silk insulation, for ground shielding.

"The mixture of silver plus 1% gold has proven itself excellently as capacitor film for the MCap® SUPREME silver/gold series.
The resulting sound is so impressive that it was only natural to think of using this alloyfor the internal wiring of electronic devices.
Listening tests with individually isolated conductors quickly proved that silver/gold shows its superior strengths every bit as convincingly in this application as well. Purity and elegance are the terms that automatically lend themselves to this exquisite material."

The result is an outstanding interconnect with exceptional detail and resolution.

Silver-Gold interconnect shielding detail.

interconnect Silver-Goldinterconect shield detail

Silver-Gold silk with teflon tubing

interconect silver-gold teflon

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