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MAYA, most advanced volume controller in the world

Now available in our webshop.

OEM manufacturers are very welcome – We will work with you to make MAYA part of your product.

Special offer !!! If you order 20 Maya units (stereo or balanced) you get custom MAYA firmware with your company name at power on and
Beside 20 custom Maya units you get:
1. custom Maya firmware compiled in hex or bin file
2. custom apk file for Google's Android. O
nly logo modification and application icon.
3. custom ipa file for Apple's IOS. Only logo modification and application icon.
This offer do not include mobile application publishing in AppStore and Google Play.

Please e-mail us for details about complete OEM integration with full IT support.

Looking for state of the art volume controller for your product ?
You are on the right place.
Maya is a 64 step R-2R ladder volume controller designed as your ultimate solution in input selection and attenuation.
This attenuator provides 64 positions ranging from 0 to -63dB with average stepsizes of 1dB.
Mute at >130dB.  Left and Right channels completely isolated with separate grounds, ideal for dual mono approach.
Input resistance ranges from 16.37k up to Rload . Where Rload = your pre/amplifier input impedance.
Constant output resistance 10K.
IN - OUT complete passive R-2R resistive network with zero active parts, make from this attenuator an ideal solution when it comes to no compromise audiophile equipment. The high-quality Takamisawa relays and Melf resistors provide superb audio quality which is maintained over a very long lifetime.

    - R-2R 64 1dB step attenuation
    - IOS or Android client for BLE remote control
    - gesture control - shake your phone to mute/unmute
    - infrared remote RC5 protocol with autolearning
    - infrared remote NEC protocol for Apple remote (default)
    - OLED display with on/off or dimming
    - auto switching between small and big charactes   - see below video
    - 4 selectable inputs
    - 2 auxiliary ports for OEM customization
    - independent volume control for each input - very good for A-B source comparison
    - extra low noise ground separation between digital and analog circuitry
    - inrush current protection
    - soft start with speaker protection
    - soft turn off with speaker protection
    - plate voltage delay for tube pre/amplifiers - configurable in 5s steps
    - temperature display and monitoring
    - temperature protection - configurable in 5°C steps
    - serial I2C bus for unlimited channel extension
    - easy direct control and setup with precision optical encoder

Maya offer two solutions for remote controll: BLE via dedicated IOS or Android application and Infrared trough autolearning NEC and RC5 protocols.

Install MAYA remote control for IOS from App Store      Apple App Store

Install MAYA remote control for Android from Google Play      MAYA on Google Play

Android screenshots:
MAYA main menuMAYA android applicationMAYA android about apk

IOS screenshots:

Latest MAYA firmware can be downloaded from here
Latest MAYA BPBP firmware can be downloaded from here

Legacy MAYA for Android firmware can be downloaded from here
Legacy MAYA BPBP Android firmware can be downloaded from here

 Firmware upgrade procedure is documented
here. firmware upgrade procedure
Maya operation algorithm is available here. operation algorithm

PCB dimensions are available here. PCB dimensions

For easy integration in your product, a front pannel design is available to download FreeCAD file here, or Acrobat Reader file here.front pannel design

Click here to see front panel  3D representation in web browser 3D WEB rendering.

Below drawing is an installation example for stereo operation. Click to see full picture.
Maya wiring

For balanced operation you have two option presented in below drawings. Click on image to see a bigger picture.
Recommended setup is presented in "Balanced setup #1"

balanced operationbalanced operation

Please e-mail us for price or OEM integration.

Download Maya OLD Android application from here Android apk or scan this QR code with your phone bluthor QR code