vicol audio


Transport: Philips VAM1202/12; DAC: WM8706

vicol-audio NAIM5i

A look inside NAIM CD5i
Below picture present NAIM CD5i player factory default, without any modifications - left picture, and fully modified - right picture.

NAIM inside modified NAIM5i

Output stage and FTJ before and after modifications.
OPA2604 replaced with LME49720HA (military), decoupled with Black-Gate NX series and output tantal caps removed.

NAIM output stage output stage after modifications

Tantal caps removed from signal path and replaced with Panasonic AM + styroflex.
Analog and digital regulators for WM8706 changed to low noise, fast transient response, LDO - LT1963 series.
WM8706 digital section and reference  (pin-20) decoupled with Sanyo Oscon and analog section with Rubycon ZL.
Standard 3,3V regulator for DSP SAA7324 was replaced with Linear Semiconductor low noise LT1963.
SAA7324 decoupled with oscon . Ceramic Z5U and X7R capacitors removed and replaced with silver-mica.
DAC WM8706 Pictures before and after.

DAC Wolfson WM8706 dac, dsp and oscillator modified

Pierce oscillator ceramic capacitors replaced with silver-mica.
74HC04 decoupled with silver-mica and Sanyo Oscon.

Oscillator oscillator caps replaced with silver-mica

Mute circuit; pictures before and after.
Muting circuit was completely removed, including relay.

muting circuit muting circuit removed

Focus and tracking was improved by decoupling TDA7073 with Sanyo Oscon

Focus and tracking VAM1202/12

Power supply before & after modifications

BHC caps power supply

LM3X7 regulators decoupled with Rubycon ZL and output voltage increased from +/-9V to +/-15V

LM3X7 regulators modified power supply

Rectifier power supply diodes replaced with CREE silicon-carbide Schottky zero recovery diodes.

CREE SiC diodes main capacitors decoupling

Analog stage enhanced with a 180W ultra low noise Aztronic transformer.

dedicated output stage trafo new trafo

Modified player NAIM CD5i

inside view - fully modified full modified player

Latest modification using Burson discrete opamp.

Burson opam fitted

Modifications for NAIM5i player start from 300euro up to 799euro.
Presented modification is 499euro.
Please address your inquires to sales[at] (replace [at] with @).