vicol audio


SMPS fully modified with OSCON and RubyconZL/ZA- output stage with military version LM4562HA
all electrolytics from analog stage changed with BlackGateNX - nonpolar
ceramic capacitors from FTJ replaced with silver-mica
optical laser pickup decoupled with silver-mica capacitors
dedicated analog supply - schottky-Shindengen bridge, filter Panasonic FC + Rubycon ZL
ultra low jitter clock Tentlabs decoupled with silver-mica
all critical circuits have been decoupled with Sanyo-Oscon, Rubycon ZA and Panasonic FM

Original OPPO DV-983H before and after modifications.

OPPO 983H before modifications OPPO 983H after modifications

SMPS before and after modifications

OPPO 983H SMPS before modifications OPPO 983 SMPS after mods

Main board clock caps changed to silver-mica and positive 5V decoupling with silver-mica.

back of main board modifications

OPPO DV-983H modified

OPPO 983H moded