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Quantum - world first BLE remote controlled high-end CD transport

Quantum Compact Disk Transport

Quantum is the result of our love and passion for music reproduction at highest standards.
We know that CD and vinyl will last as long you love music and even more. Your descendants will enjoy your music collection many generations, as you maybe, on your turn, already enjoy your grandpa vinyl records.
No magnetic disk (HDD) or solid storage (SSD) can provide the lifetime of a pressed CD. Sooner or later data corruption will occur and your beloved music will be lost. No hassle with PC file transfers or conversions. No computational jitter due resource hungry operating systems or badly written applications.
Quantum will not alter digital information trough huge DSP (digital signal processing) and will read any Red Book format with no other fancy functions.
We started to work on this  CD transport in 2010 and now we are ready to share with the world. We spent years searching for world finest parts and carefully paired Quantum with these. We had been going even further and developed an innovative way to mount smd parts, in order to lower piezoelectric effect and parasitic capacitance between component and pcb traces. At current date (Oct 2017) Vicol Audio is the single company in the world who use vertical SMD mounting.

Vertical SMD mounting

We also developed a remote control interface for Android and IOS, making Quantum the very first one in his class who, beside infrared, use BLE remote control.
This place Quantum on top of the best CD transports ever made, offering world best price/performance ratio. A CD transport that will make you fall in love with your CD collection again. Just you, your CD collection and music.

Built from scratch without any off-the-shelf solutions, handmade with the utmost attention paid to the smallest detail in construction and finish. Entirely designed and handmade in Romania.


Playable disk MQA-CD; music CD; reinscriptible CD's (CD-RW); recordable CD's CD-R, Blu-spec CD;  extra resolution XRCD; high definition HDCD; super high material SHM-CD; SACD-cd layer,
Pickup drive system Custom highly modified SFP-101

CD Stabilizer non-magnetic; diameter 60mm, weight 60g Al or 190g Bronze

Remote control
Infrared and BLE via Android or IOS application

Suspension Double Rubbers

Digital output Coaxial x 1(75Ω) - SPDIF RCA or BNC

Power supply 120 / 230VAC
60 / 50HZ (Specified on the rear panel)
Power consumption standard-12W; high-grade 20W; ultra-hg 23W
Dimensions Complete unit: approx. 430(W) x 331(D) x149(H)mm

Weight Standard CDT unit 11kg; Transport: approx. 16kg
Ultra high-grade 16kg; Transport 21kg

Accessories CD stabilizer, CD cover
antivibration spikes , infrared remote controller,
batteries for remote controller
Color Silver or Black

Download IOS remote control from Apple App Store   Quantum at App Store

Download Android remote control from Google PlayQuantum on Google Play

Older phone ? Please download Android remote control from here Quantum_BLE.apk

We offer QUANTUM CDT in three levels, starting from 3990euro + 19% VAT in EU.
Level 1. standard 3990 euro
Level 2. high grade 7990 euro
Level 3. ultra high grade 14.990 euro (special edition)

Please contact us if you like to own an unique CD transport.

Quantum top loader
Quantum CDT