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Vicol Audio Shiga MKII CD transport - shigaclone

Product available in our webshop. Standard 50% off till stock last.
For a full mounted and tested product see high-grade Level 1 - 3 versions.

Shigaclone MKII CD transport

Your journey to a fantastic CD transport starts here !

A completely redesigned circuitry, new PCB using round traces and separate ground planes for each section, low noise regulators, better thermal dissipation, are only few improvements we have addressed on SHIGA MKII.

The parts we use in SHIGA MKII are tantalum, silver-mica and organic capacitors. All boards are soldered with Sn96Ag4 alloy.
SHIGA MKII was designed with flexibility in mind, so you can upgrade further by adding a low jitter clock, slave the clock to and from external DAC and inserting no less than 4 ultra low noise regulators in critical sections.
All these make from SHIGA MKII one of the best CD transports available on market.

Build one yourself, or buy a ready made one from us and start to rediscover your CD collection.

Here are minimum parts required to build your own CD transport based on Shiga MKII :
1. Shiga MKII main board, available in webshop as standard.
    This is the heart of your CD transport. Contain ASP and DSP circuitry, power supply and display with control board.

2. CD mechanic, available in webshop in two options, standard and moded.
    On moded CD mechanic we have replaced and added high quality decoupling capacitors.
3. Non magnetic CD puck, available in webshop in two options Aluminium and Bronze.
    Bronze is three times heavier, CD mechanic will perform better and therefore will sound better.

4. Transformer, ouput 2 x 10V at min 2A. This is not available in our webshop due weight. You may order one from us at extra shipping cost.

5. Optional, Infrared remote or radio module for Android or IOS remote control.

Please note that Shiga MKII high-grade LEVEl 1 to 3 will come completely mounted and tested on a wood or bamboo table as in above picture. In other words, you get a plug and play product.

The transport is based on following components:
  1.  1. Sanyo CD mechanism SFP101N-16P (DA11VZ)
  2.  2. Sanyo Analog Signal Processor LA9242M
  3.  3. Sanyo Compact Disc Player DSP withBuilt-in Microcontroller LC78601
  4.  4. Sanyo Compact Disc driver LA6541
  5.  5. Sanyo transistors 2SA608N, 2SA1342, 2SB764
  6.  6. Vicol-Audio custom multiplexed LCD display
 7. Silan infrared remote chip  SC7461-103.

Shiga MKII BOM - bill of materials - available via Google Docs.

Follow SHIGACLONE discussion and construction on following DIYAUDIO forum threads:
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PCB dimensions - click on below image to open jpeg file. *
MKII board dimensions

Components placement bottom and top. Click on picture to see high resolution.

SHIGA MKII bottom detailSHIGA MKII top detail

Thermal analysys. Spot 1 indicate laser CCS in operation and Spot 2 indicate temperatire operation for LA6541 motor and focus/tracking coil driver.
Shiga MKII thermal analysis

Infrared remote
- click on below image to open pdf file.
Shiga MKII remote

Shiga MKII pinout diagram and wiring diagram.
Shiga MKII pinout diagramSHIGA MKII wiring

Shiga MKII use a custom two digit multiplexed matrix LCD, with multiple bias points. For LCD dimensions please click on below images. 
All dimensions are in mm
LCD dimensions and drawLCD backlight draw


About tools and rules for soldering SMD components. Please read
this document.