vicol audio

Open Source Audio SMPS designed to drive amplifiers up to 1000W

No longer in production, contact us for more details.
This is the SMPS used in our QUASAR amplifier.


WARNING: This product operates at mains voltage and has accessible live parts.

Disclaimer: The author assumes no liability for any incidental, consequential or other liability from the use of this product. All risks and damages, incidental or otherwise, arising from the use or misuse of the information contained herein are entirely the responsibility of the user. Although careful precaution has been taken in the preparation of this material, we assume no responsibility for omissions or errors.

- adjustable over current protection
- remote controlled operation
- output voltage in range of +/- 24V up to +/- 90V, or +48V up to +350V
- one auxiliary voltage in range of 12V/5A - 48V/5A
- fine output voltage adjust +/-3V
- low EMI signature
- half bridge operation at 50KHz

- supply for class A and AB amplifiers
- supply for class D amplifiers
- supply for proffesional audio equipments
- supply for automotive appliances 12V/40A (custom version)
- supply for tube amplifiers (custom version)

SMPS boards are 193mm x 115 mm and available at 85 euro/pcb. We accept only batch orders of minimum 10pcb, for inquiries please use contact page.

For schematic  click below  image.SMPS V3 schematic

BOM for SMPS 3 (bill of materials)
Trafo specs and winding info

Entire documentation in a zip file.

SMPS V2 - no longer in production
Quasar SMPS ver.2


Download bill of materials from here BOM ver.2

SMPS block schematic ver.2

click to see SMPS ver.2 - block schematic


PWM module top and bottom.

How to use, up to you project, auxiliary Vaux options. Click on below image to open pdf document.

Auxiliary options

For SMPS trafo specs and winding info, please see below document.

SMPS trafo specs

SMPS boards are 193mm x 115 mm available at 85 euro/pcb, for orders please use contact page.
Schematic ver.2 in pdf format is provided only after PCB payment.

WARNING : Lethal voltages are present at some points of this product. Avoid direct contact with any part of the supply during operation / installation, and also within 5 minutes after the supply has been unplugged from mains in order to fully dischargethe storage capacitors.

For further information on this project you may visit elforum and diyaudio forums.

Customer SMPS gallery

Below pictures are from various people who build QUASAR SMPS.

alex_mm SMPS ver.2

alex_mm SMPS ver.2

bucegi SMPS ver.2

bucegi SMPS Ver.2

djlove SMPS ver.2
djlove SMPS

florinccc SMPS ver.2
florinccc SMPS Ver.2

oficemircea SMPS ver.2
oficemircea SMPS ver.2

sere SMPS ver.2
sere smps ver.2sere SMPS ver.2

silicipi SMPS ver.2
silicipi SMPS ver.2

silicipi pushing SMPS limit to continuous 1270W
silicipi SMPS ver2

sorin63 SMPS ver.2
sorin SMPS ver2

tvicol SMPS ver.2 in very first tests
tvicol SMPS ver2tvicol SMPS ver2

tvicol SMPS ver.2 in very first tests
tvicol SMPS ver2

vmari  SMPS ver,2
vmari SMPS ver2

John Broderick SMPS ver.2
John Broderick SMPS ver.2