vicol audio

This page is here as historical reference. Vicol Audio no longer offer AUDIO TUNING

Vicol Audio offers expertise and high performance modifications to almost any high-end equipment. Our philosophy is
that a great product need a well designed circuit, supported by the best parts available (or affordable) in all the sonically critical locations.
Any product is only a price compromise and can be improved. Usually the parts you get inside are far from top audiophile parts available.
In our modifications we exclusively use high-end components: Auricap, Mundorf, Black-Gate, Sanyo OSCON, Duelund
caps, Kemet tantalum caps, Silver-Mica, Cornell Dubilier, Panasonic FC/FM, Rubycon ZL/ZA, Schottky rectifiers,
Jensen PIO, ELNA silmic, BHC slit-foil, Shinkoh tantalum resistors, Mills non inductive non magnetic resistors, Audio-Note, Tentlabs modules, and many other high-end/audiophile parts.

Vicol Audio do not offer service.
For exclusive audio equipment we offer modification. Modification means that your audio equipment must be in perfect functional parameter.s.
Depending on your equipment status, modifications include replacement of large number of pasive and active parts or, in some cases, schematic and topology alterations.
Modification of an audiophile equipment, require sourcing of rare and expensive parts, this take time. Prepare yourself with a lot of patience.