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ZENO - ultra low noise, high current, fast transient power supply

World first low frequency regulator to enable synchronous rectification.

A power supply to rule'em all !!!
We have started to take orders for Zeno 1A version. Any output voltage in 1,4V - 36V range.
Price per unit is 35euro ex VAT. If you are interested please contact us by mail.
Zeno ULNHCFT regulatorZeno with Saligny synchronous rectifier

- synchronous rectification - see Zeno + Saligny in our webshop
- input voltage AC:  2V to 26V; [6,5V to 26V for Zeno + Saligny]
- input voltage range DC: +3 V to +36 V;  [9V to 36V for Zeno + Saligny]
- output voltage adjustable between 1,4V and 34V
- output current 1A
- output voltage noise under 4 μVRMS (10 Hz, 100 kHz)
- low dropout voltage: 307 mV at 1 A
- thermal shutdown 170°C, back to operation once 150°C is reached
- load step transient response from 10mA to 1A under 1ms

ZENO setup output voltage

Example of Zeno connection to any load
Zeno connection to load

Example of Zeno connection to Shiga MKII
Zeno to Shiga MKII